Hotel Air Conditioning

Bespoke Hotel Air Conditioning

Your hotel should provide a comfortable stay for your guests and getting the temperature right is a key part of this. Too hot or too cold will be unpleasant for your hotel guests and with the travel industry being lead by customer reviews it is essential that you get it right.

Different areas of your hotel will have different specifications for air cooling systems. From the bar to the restaurant, from the rooms to the reception, each area will have different specifications depending on the layout of the space.

With our experience, we can provide ductwork, extraction, air conditioning units and multi-split air conditioning units.

Climate Control Specialists

We believe that the best way to give you a seamless service is to manage the entire job in-house, so that's what we do. You may find many air conditioning companies outsource their ductwork but we manage everything with our fully trained, accredited and experienced team. This ensures that we can recommend the best possible solution for your space.

We provide additional services like powder coating so that your ductwork can be coloured to your specifications.

To ensure your guests are happy, we offer UK wide maintenance and call out.

Our team are available for call out 24/7 to keep your systems running at peak performance.