Exposed Ductwork and Powder Coating

19th February 2019

Exposed ductwork has been around in factories and swimming pools for a long time, but now ductwork has been making an appearance in shops, lofts, bars and restaurants. Instead of being hidden away in a lowered ceiling, people are making the most of the space they have available and opening up the ceiling to make a feature out of the ductwork.

This bare, open, industrial look works well when it is matched with the interior of the building. As an eye-catching feature, it can be left bare, and with no coating, this ductwork will usually weather over time and eventually it will become a matte grey. However, we offer powder coating so the ductwork can be painted to almost any colour to match your interior.

Powder coating works well for a project like a creative office, where the ductwork is going to be a consistent, architectural statement. Alternatively, different restaurants and bars have different looks or themes and the ductwork can be coloured to match the theme of the space. Whatever your project, we can help.

There are various styles of ductwork you can choose depending on the specifications and layout of your building. Standard circular ductwork is available as well as slim-fitting and flat ductwork for where space is very limited.