We carry out ongoing Maintenance & Service with Eastbourne College to manage their expansive airflow management systems. There are a number of different applications throughout the building which require different heating and cooling solutions.

Bespoke Air Conditioning

To ensure these systems are working at their optimum performance, we deliver a high standard service every 4 months.

To optimise the systems and save the client money we have put in place HVAC assets which reduce energy consumption and costs, improve environmental performance, and create a better indoor environment for building occupants. These HVAC assets must remain statutory compliant.


The results of our work are that we have maintained the customers lower energy bills whilst delivering a hot and cold water supply, water, gas heating, water pumps, boilers, calorifier tanks, 18 air handling units and lots of air conditioning units.

Customer Feedback

“Airtemp have a team of friendly and knowledgeable engineers with a very quick response to any callouts. They also offer us cost effective quotations making the process easy and manageable.”